Pricing Scheme
Amount of licenses Price per license
< 5 450.00 € per license
< 10 422.50 € per license (5% discount)
< 20 400.00 € per license (10% discount)
20 or more Please get in touch
hamsterdb licenses are sold "per developer". If a company has three developers working with hamsterdb and does not want to follow the rules of the Open Source licenses, it has to buy three Commercial Licenses.

Read the hamsterdb Commercial License Agreement »

By buying a Commercial License, you agree to these terms. These terms include the following responsibilities and limitations:

  • After buying a hamsterdb commercial license, you will receive a special header file. You agree to include this file in your product and recompile your hamsterdb libraries. If you need assistance, please get in touch and we will try to provide you with precompiled libraries.

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